My Shameless Social Media Experiment

Two weeks ago, on a Thursday Morning.. I did something crazy

Me at Bode Thomas with a placard

Me at Bode Thomas with a placard

and out of the ordinary. As a lot of people – 2 people actually-  have been seen recently carrying placards and it has been trending and going viral for a while, I decided I would try mine and see how far it would go and boy did it go viral online quickly.
Stood in the hot morning Lagos sun for hours, approximately 3 hours with a placard and a funny message. I used the placard and the message to promote smsmarketingportal Longcode Uefa Champions League #SMSPREDICTANDWIN Game. I asked one of my team members to take pictures and several short videos. And these were posted online.

Bode Thomas/Adeniran Ogunsanya Junction (Just Beside Sweet Sensation) and Ojuelegba roundabout were two of the places I stood. Heck! Even some policemen [Continue reading]

You want to run a successful business online? You’ll need a website then..

It’s almost the middle of the year currently. And a lot has of things have already happened adblablathis year. In the career world, many people find themselves struggling to keep their jobs as others are sacked. while many business people find themselves struggling to keep their various businesses afloat as the conditions for running business in Nigeria gets tougher and tougher.

One way to run your business successfully and cut [Continue reading]

How to participate in a webinar in Nigeria

Just Register for a webinar and learn from your home

Have you ever attended a webinar before? was the webinar on sms marketing? If you haven't attended one, I will help you with a few ideas. But first what's a Webinar? According to popular e-mail marketing provider, Aweber; A Webinar is short for … [Continue reading]

How to get More Customers from Facebook and Twitter without Spending all day Posting and tweeting to your pages


Facebook and Twitter, which are the most popular social networks today, are the best inventions ever made since the creation of club sandwiches :D. Social Networking is great, makes us connect more easily and as an entrepreneur or marketing … [Continue reading]

Video Tutorial On How To Create Mobile Apps

Francis Pretending to be busy. Lol!

Been a while. I wrote here. Time has been a scarce commodity for me. It seems as if 24hrs is not enough. There's so much to do and not enough time to do them. Family! Church! Phew! And as My mentor would say "Francis, if you can't manage … [Continue reading]

Overnight Success

Overnight Success

The word overnight Success means different things to different people. To the student studying for a course, passing his final exams will be the ultimate success. To the woman trusting for the fruit of the womb, getting pregnant willl be a … [Continue reading]

Brand New sms Marketing e-book that helps you send persuasive and hypnotic sms messages

135 sms marketing words you can use in your messages

When it comes to sending sms messages that gets your audience to do exactly what you want them to do. Then you need to use the right words and not only that but also in the right context. Words convert, words are powerful and there are certain … [Continue reading]

SMS Mobile Marketing in Nigeria

In today’s harsh economic environment many Nigerian marketers are seeking more cost effective and timely methods to communicate - this is where mobile marketing comes into its own. With many options available including Mobile App and Mobile … [Continue reading]